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Steel Frame Construction

There is no question that previously steel was too hard to work with - and very expensive as a result. This technology changes that paradigm and is well suited to housing. It is most cost efficient when used in conjunction with lightweight steel roofs, but is also effective in heavy roof applications.

The Technology of Steel Frame Construction
Designing for lightweight steel.
Trussless roof design with frames.

CAD Software
Inexpensive & powerful.
Create 3D models.
Create 3D DXF output.

Frame Design Software
Imports models.
Generates frame designs.

Roll Former Software
Imports structure and generates rollformer instructions.
Prompts operator for frame assembly.

Portable for site work

2-3 hours for a simple house
1-2 days for a complex house
Detail required: Wall openings & doors
Ceilings & roof

STATISTICS (Making Frames)
Rollformer: 350-450 linear meters p/hr
Assembly: 80 linear meters p/hr p/man

STATISTICS (Erecting Frames)
Assembly: 20 linear meters p/hr p/man
Example : Small House of 140 sqm
3 men take 26 hours/3 days

How long before all houses are built this way?
The New Paradigm: Timber flooring now concrete
Timber/Steel windows are now aluminum and plastic
Timber fascias now steel

Training Centre:
Our training center will boast the most advanced complete steel framing curriculum. All contractors that plan to utilize this method of building would be required to attend our training school. As with anything in life, we require a firm to ensure a better future. The training center will have the ability to accommodate for the practical side as well as the theoretical aspects of the system.

The training centers staff all have at least 5 years experience and are trained to work with all types of systems and accommodate most situations. The staff in this department is continually being trained to keep the up to date with the systems and difficulties experienced in the field.

Our training has the support of other major suppliers namely: BPB Gypsum and Everite. The building principals as laid down by the NHBRC will also be addressed in the course.

The following is a list of a few of the course’s material.

  • How frames are made and the design work
  • Assembly of roll formed frames
  • Construction, Methods of fixing and leveling of walls
  • Construction of entire house including roof panels
  • Ways of fixing insulation
  • Correct methods to fix external cladding, including sealing
  • Methods used in the fixing of window and door frames
  • Methods used in fitting internal walls
  • How to attach ceiling boards
  • Correct order of construction
  • Rendering of walls and waterproofing
  • Application methods of plaster products
  • Electrical and plumbing methods


  • Basic properties and strength of steel
  • Rules and regulations that govern the trade (NHBRC/ SABS)
  • Correct paperwork required to carry out building
  • Definitions of systems
  • Reaction of Steel to the elements as well as other products

Our technical/ operations division consists of qualified personnel dedicated and proud of the work that they do. All the staff as well as junior staff is trained every month. We have set tests that are written by the technical teams to evaluate there understanding of the equipment and systems that they use. Training is of utmost importance to us if we wish to continue to move forward and lead the way in the construction industry.

We strongly believe that this business is a technically based company therefore the emphasis on well-trained staff. We aim to be renowned in the industry as being the best technically and organisationally.

We are also sensitive to those young men and woman leaving school that requires employment to obtain experience. We prefer to empower these people and teach them our ways before they learn bad habits.

We plan to have our course approved by the government and utilize the funds available in the SDL fund. By doing this our staff would have a recognized training certificate.

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