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Hazy Crest Steel Structures

Steel Structures:

Hazy Crest steel structures was established to primarily to cater for the middle lower, middle, middle upper and upper class including the industrial sector of the market. Hazy Crest steel structures is fast becoming a national broad-based company incorporating first world building technologies in an already stressed building market. We currently have offices in Durban and Pretoria and soon to be Knysna. Our plan is to service the entire country with professionalism and service excellence concentrating mainly on the domestic market.

Hazy Crest steel structures will in the future service the entire country with integrity coupled with the best possible service and expertise. Once we have achieved our objective in the domestic market, only then will we take on the larger corporate market. All our clients will have the unique benefit of modern living in homes that meet first world standards for all types of weather conditions. The speed and accuracy at which the building are constructed is a huge benefit in the current market. Supervised contracting companies will be set-up in all areas to ensure that the relevant expertise is available in all the respective regions. We do not plan to have our main clients solely domestic reliant.

Hazy Crest steel structures currently boast the best engineering ability in the market and can therefore tackle any job that may come our way. We will focus our efforts on training to begin with monitoring the progress of all personal that complete our training course. We will have the facility to monitor all work in progress thereby ensuring that the integrity of the work carried out meets all the guideline standards. The system that we use is utilized in every country throughout the world.

Framing Residential Steel

Since the 1970’s, builders, architects and developers looking for the cutting edge in the construction industry have turned to steel framing.

Steel Framing can be used for :

Steel Framing is cost efficient, easily constructed and produces quality homes.

Our objective is not to be your normal construction company but rather, a company that sets the standard for this industry. We plan to set new standards thereby removing the current stigma attached to the trade. We are well versed in the industry and highly respected by all suppliers.

Unlike the conventional way we are currently used to building; our system should revolutionaries this sector. The directors or Hazy Crest steel structures are very serious about what we do and focused on achieving the plan. We are aware of the crisis that we face in S.A. We aim to “Strengthen the Future” for all South Africans.

Job Creation is in the forefront of our planning, coupled to this is the empowering of South Africans to become entrepreneurs and “Strengthen the Future”. The creation of affordable housing for all South Africans built to last in our tough and varied African climate.

We aim to achieve the highest certification, to enable us to build even the most complex of designs in the harshest environments. Quality and service is imperative to the success of the Hazy Crest steel structures, this is the reason we have the vision and dedication to be the absolute best.

Structuring of Company:
It would be impossible for the company to attempt to confidently service the entire country from the start. We have therefore implemented our empowerment strategy from the start.

The company would comprise of the training centre, manufacturing plant, plan drawing and approval, distribution and product supply. The marketing side of the company would be carried out by all parties.

Each area would be split throughout the various provinces creating a sense of security for those contractors that come on-board soon. The successful contractor would need to undergo compulsory training and would then need to purchase all and sundry from Hazy Crest steel structures. The contractor would be responsible for servicing the region in which he/ she operates. Should the area grow that contractor would have first option to secure additional equipment and sub distributors.

All roll formers would remain the property of Hazy Crest steel structures and would form part of Hazy Crest steel structures assets. The maintenance of the equipment would be carried out by Hazy Crest steel structures however the responsibility of the roll former would be that of the contractor. This equipment would be rented to the contractor on a continued bases.

Advertising documentation will be provided by Hazy Crest steel structures and supplied to the contractor for the benefit of the all. Hazy Crest steel structures branding would become part of the companies identification. A minimum monthly license fee would apply to the company in addition to that there would be an additional fee that would work on a bases of total turnover over a three month period.

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